Asking Perennial Questions Throughout History of Humanity

Perhaps you have asked these questions at various times in your life. They may be thought of as “perennial questions,” as they have been repeatedly asked throughout the history of humanity. Even though no definitive answers have ever been found, such questions continue to intrigue many of us who want to understand the nature of humanity, the cosmos within which we live, and how we might be related to this larger cosmos.

In a time when the pace of life seems to be speeding up, and so many of us find ourselves in a hurry, careful reflection upon the questions raised by this site can constitute a needed counterpoint. Instead of our daily diet of multiple posts, tweets, and media exposure to confusing news and hundreds of ads, reflection on these questions takes time and thoughtful consideration.

Perhaps raising these questions may seem impractical since the answers are elusive and subject to many different points of view. To give one example, each religion has its own theology and distinctive set of doctrines about the nature of Deity. From a practical standpoint, you can spend a long time with any of these questions and never arrive at a final answer.

So this site is intended for persons interested in revisiting some of life’s fundamental questions — just for the sake of personal exploration. The answers to the questions offered here are intended to be only suggestive and provide a basis for coming up with your own personal viewpoints and conclusions.

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