About The Author

Edmund Bourne, Ph.D. has specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders (panic attacks, phobias, excess worry) and related problems for thirty years. He is author of several books in this area, including the bestselling Anxiety & Phobia Workbook, which has reached over a million people throughout the world. He has been interviewed on many radio talk shows and contributed to articles in numerous magazines. Readers interested in this aspect of his work can find more information at www.helpforanxiety.com.

In 2008 Dr. Bourne published a book, Global Shift, that explored the roots of ongoing planetary crises such as climate change, nuclear proliferation, diminishing resources, overpopulation, poverty and disease. The book suggested the possibility of a global shift in humanity’s values and actions that might propel our planet toward a more enlightened future. A decade has passed, and while many public and private initiatives have improved the planetary outlook, much still remains to be done toward major problems such as climate change, population explosion, income inequality, and many other critical issues.

In the past few years Dr. Bourne has focused on ancient questions that philosophers and humanity have pondered for millennia going back ancient Greece and Rome. Such questions include the existence and nature of life after death, the nature of Deity, the problem of what kind of Deity (assuming it exists) could countenance the amount of evil and suffering that occurs in the world, the nature of subjective human consciousness (and its relationship to the physical brain), and the scope of the cosmos, assuming its full range extends well beyond merely the physical universe.

This current site: www.journeysofthemind.net, takes up these questions among others and presents Dr. Bourne’s speculations on their possible answers. Since the answers are speculative, no claim is made to their ultimate veracity. Dr. Bourne welcomes comments, feedback, and input from anyone interested in these timeless, fundamental questions. He can be reached by email at edbourne@comcast.net.